Sunday, September 15, 2013

Toddling Thru

Eloise celebrated Grandparents Day this past weekend.  On Sunday morning, we had brunch with Grandma Karen (K-ma) & Grandpa Kevin (K-pa).  On Sunday afternoon, we had dinner with Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike.  As part of their gift, Brad & I made a DVD with photos and videos from Eloise's 1st year.  It was a hit!
As I always say - Sometimes the outtakes are just as good...

5 ways you know your Baby is becoming a Toddler:

1. No more cute Pedipeds. Big girls shoes are where it's at!
2. Done with nursing. 
3. She walks into day care and knows which room is hers. 
4. Preferences.  She points...grunts...lunges.  She has preferred sippy cups, toys, books and foods.
5. Temper Tantrums/Whining.

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