Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter Sunday Wrap Up

Easter Sunday was a ton of fun for Eloise.  Between all of the baskets and special gifts from everyone, it felt like Christmas!  Eloise is really on a Minnie Mouse (aka Nee), Doc McStuffins (aka Doc), and Princess kick right now.  Lucky for her, the Easter Bunny knew this too.  Her basket was filled with some coloring books, princess gear, bath toys, sunglasses and books.  
We celebrated Easter morning with Grandma Karen, Grandpa Kevin, Great Grandma Fitz, and cousin Jenni.  Thankfully it was nice enough to play outside and swing on the swings.
 The highlight of her Easter morning was playing with her bubbles with Daddy. 
We headed over to Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike's in the afternoon.  As soon as we got there, Eloise and her cousins Alex & Reese started their Easter egg hunt.  Each girl had their own color to look for which made sure that everyone got lots of prizes and goodies. 
We hope everyone had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Toddling Thru: Boots & Side

These rain boots are her everything right now.  
She asks for them...screams for them...cries for them.  
They go great with almost any outfit but especially her jammies. 
Many nights, Eloise will stand at the back door or windows and say, "Side?"  
She is referring to going outside and playing on the swing set or feeding the fish in the pond. 
This swing set has been a lot of fun so far this Spring!
When we are stuck inside, Eloise is very busy coloring and drawing.  
 Daddy is known for his pancakes and he had some extra help making his latest batch.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Punks is 19 months

(Yes - sometimes this is as good as it gets)

Eloise had quite the number of "Firsts" this month:

1st Swim Lessons 
1st Haircut
1st time climbing up the clubhouse ladder and sliding down the slide unassisted
1st time flying kites

Just a few more "tricks" that she has mastered this month:
  • "Sssshhhh" with the one finger in front of her mouth and everything
  • When we say it's time to go, she says, "Coat?....Hat?"
  • Loves to point out her "Shoes & Shocks"
  • After eating her dinner, she will ask for fruit by saying, "Ffffffffrroooot"
  • Knows the hand motions for Twinkle, Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Requests to watch cartoons by saying "Toons" with a strong emphasis on the T
  • Request to watch Cat in the Hat by saying, "Cat...Cat"
  • When she wants Daddy to toss her up in the air, she says "Twoooo" as in "1....2....3."  

Lastly, this month has been all about barn animals - practicing their sounds, reading books with them in it, and pointing them out on TV or in a story.  Eloise has a book called The Noisy Noisy Farm that makes the animal sounds throughout the book.  She is obsessed and wants to read it every night.  Mommy might just lose it if she reads it one more time.  She has mastered the following barn animals:  Cows, Pigs, Cats, Sheep, Owls, and Rooster.  Rooster is the best in the overall performance category because she will actually throw her head back and make the noise.