Saturday, September 7, 2013

Introducing: Toddling Thru

Now that we officially have a toddling 1 year old on our hands, it's time to think about the future of Baby Face Friday.  As much as I'd like to believe that Eloise will always have a sweet baby face, she is growing up every day and getting closer and closer to being more of a little girl.  So, let me introduce you to our new weekly series on The Littlest Kalins - Toddling Thru.  Here's to the Toddler Years ahead!

Toddler Stats
Weight: 24lbs 0.5oz; 92.18%
Height: 30.5 inches; 88.72%
Head: 46cm

It only took all summer but we finally got Eloise in Grandma & Grandpa's pool last Sunday!  Every time we would make plans to go swimming the temperature would drop making the pool too cool even for Grandma to float in her raft.  Maybe it was for the best because Eloise loved it and she may have been too timid earlier this summer. 

This week has been all about new toys! Eloise is loving all her big girl toys she got for her birthday.  The kitchen & food from Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike along with the shopping cart from Aunt Laura are definitely her favorites right now.  She loves to load up her shopping cart with food and push it around the living room.  She is also loving some of the toys that she can actually ride on.  Thanks to Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin for picking out one that plays some good tunes for her to dance along to.

Don't worry, I'm working on a post all about the birthday party!

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