Our Story

Mom & Dad are Mandy & Brad Kalins.
They were set up on a "blind date" in April 2005 by mutual friends and got married on September 15, 2007.

It was love at first sight...this photo is from the weekend they met.

My Mom is a social worker by day and a photographer & crafter by night. My Dad works in Medical Sales and spends his free time hunting and working on DIY projects around our house & backyard. We have a Germain Shorthaired Pointer family dog named Piper. We all live in Winfield, a Western Suburb of Chicago.


My mom & dad wanted to be parents the second after they were married.  Little did they know, that they would have to wait 5 years and go thru every possible fertility treatment to get me here.  My mom says I'm her miracle baby!

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