Monday, December 29, 2014

Eloise's Merry Holidays

Christmas Highlights
With the help from the Broadview Fire Department, Santa came to visit Eloise's school.  She was so excited waiting for Santa to arrive but as soon as he got off the fire truck, she ran to me.  Again, while she was waiting her turn to see Santa, she was so excited but it was actually her turn, she freaked out.  At least, she maintained her good manners and thanked him for her gift. 
We kicked off our Christmas celebrations with Grandpa Jim the weekend before Christmas.  Eloise & her cousins were all over the moon for the scooters that Grandpa got them.  The biggest hit was the Rapunzel dress that she got.  Immediately after opening it, she ripped off the Elsa necklace she had been playing with and said to me, "Put it (the dress) on me!"  She wore it the rest of the night and on the drive home.

Christmas Eve @ Grandma Sandy's & Grandpa Mike's
Alex, Reese & Eloise all got Elsa nightgowns that they promptly put on as soon as they opened them.   Quinnley was sporting some cute Minnie Mouse jammies.  Eloise's favorite gift was a princess trunk full of dresses, tiaras & various princess accessories.  

Christmas Morning
Eloise might be the only kid that wasn't running down the stairs to open her gifts.  She had a rough night the before and had slept in.  As usual, she had her milk in our bed while watching some cartoons to wake up.  When she was all done, we asked her if she wanted to come downstairs to open her presents.  She told us, "No.  I finishing my toons."  Seriously.  What kid says that?  We eventually got her downstairs but had to trick her to come over to the tree to start opening presents.  What was the trick?  Showing her the Frozen gift bag with some gifts in it. 
Santa brought Eloise some Frozen/Elsa jewelry and a new mushroom toadstool for her room.  
"'s a Sophia wand!"
Since Eloise is my little photog in training, we got her a Sophia camera.  She loves it and already has a good eye for setting up a shot. 
After we opened gifts, it was time for breakfast.  Eloise loves to sit on the counter and make "coffee" with Daddy.  Her coffee is actually hot chocolate.  

Christmas Day with the Clarks
We wrapped up our Christmas celebrations by spending the afternoon & evening at the Clarks.  Eloise surprisingly wore her Santa hat and helped pass out gifts to everyone.  
Auntie Lo got Eloise a pink tutu that she promptly put on herself.  It really did give her sweater dress some much needed volume.  
Auntie Lo came up with the idea to do a craft with Eloise every Christmas last year.  They did a gingerbread house last year and decided to do it again this year.  Eloise was a big helper this year - when she wasn't eating the candy!

Lucky for me, I got to carry my favorite present with me to every one of these celebrations.
We had a great Christmas.  Lots of fun with family and many memories.  As Eloise would say, "Merry Holidays!"  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Bumpdates: Week 18 - 20

HOW FAR ALONG: 18 weeks
BABY IS AS BIG AS: Sweet Potato
SLEEP: Better this week.
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Putting up the Christmas Tree with Eloise and reminiscing about all who gave us what ornaments or where we got them. 
MISS ANYTHING? Not really.
FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS? Give me all the El Cortez salsa!
SYMPTOMS: Now that the nausea is gone, everything else seems tolerable.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Enjoying food again!

"Where is the baby?"
"In Mommy's pants."

HOW FAR ALONG: 19 weeks.
BABY IS AS BIG AS: Heirloom tomato
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Starting the nursery for baby boy
FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS? I can't drink enough Cranberry juice with Pellegerino and a lime. 
SYMPTOMS: Leg cramps.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Eloise getting a big girl bed. 

"Do you love the baby?"
"Yes - I love him."

Cue Bon Jovi music... "Oh...we're HALFWAY THERE..."

HOW FAR ALONG: 20 weeks. 
SLEEP: Give me more!
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: 20 week ultrasound.  Always great to see what my baby is up to in there.
FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS? Can't get enough Mexican. Interesting since I couldn't tolerate it with Eloise. 
SYMPTOMS: Breakouts like I'm 16.  
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Christmas! Specifically, spiral ham on Christmas. 

We showed Eloise the nursery when it was painted with her old crib and rocking chair.  She was so happy and told us the baby would be "so cute."

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Toddling Thru: December Fun

It's hard to believe that December is halfway over.  Eloise has been busy this month getting ready for the holidays.  She had a blast decorating our Christmas tree and makes sure to check on it everyday.  When anyone comes over to the house, she takes them over to see it. 
These two goofballs now have matching headlamps.  Brad uses his for hunting and Eloise likes to wear it.  When I saw the princess headlamp & matching flash light at Home Depot, I knew that Daddy would not be able to resist.  
There has been 2 attempts to see Santa.  Both trips resulted in train rides and no pictures with Santa.
We went a Winter festival at Cantigny where Eloise got to see Reindeer & lots of Christmas trees. 
Grandpa Mike & Grandma Sandy with Eloise in front of the McCormick Mansion
Eloise & Grandma Karen were back in kitchen making Christmas cookies since their "trial run" was a big success a few weeks ago.  
The finished product: Sugar cookies, Gingerbread men & Reindeer!

There is more fun to come the rest of this month.  Stay tuned!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Toddling Thru: Eloise goes to the Shedd

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to the Shedd Aquarium with the Clark crew.  Eloise loves fish and had a great time looking for all the "big ones."  It is so fun to revisit the places you went as a child and see them again through your child's eyes.  Eloise could have spent the whole time looking at all the fish in the first tank we saw.  She loved pointing out all the different color fish and looking for the "babies" or small fish.  Eloise & her Dad are fish enthusiasts so they had a blast checking out all the exhibits throughout the day. 
 Eloise inherited her love of turtles from Grandma Karen.  At one point, she did try to ride this one. I'm pretty sure she gave it at least 5 kisses too. 
I haven't been to Jellies exhibit since 2011 when it first opened.  Still very cool and fun to photograph!
 Eloise wasn't very impressed with show in the Oceanarium, but then again, she is 2. 
 Best view at the Shedd?  On Papa's shoulders. 
What a fun family day at the Shedd!  
 Note: Auntie Lo took this right before we left when someone was super tired and ready for a nap.