Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Letter to my Baby Boy

You are my dearly loved son and you bring me great joy ~ Mark 1:11

Well baby boy, we are in the homestretch.  With less than 10 days until my due date, I'm anxiously awaiting your arrival.  For many reasons, everything is different this time around.  I'm progressing faster with you than I did with your big sister and thinking that I may actually experience going into labor naturally as opposed to being induced.  That is exciting and scary at the same time.  I'm at the point where people are surprised to see me at work and offer LOTS of commentary on how I look...what I'm I'm get the point. 

You may find this hard to believe but I wanted you from the moment I met your big sister.  The joy and the love that I felt when I held your big sister for the first time was more than I could have ever imagined.  Those first few weeks after she was born, I kept replaying the moment in my mind because I was afraid I would forget that feeling.  Of course, I was wrong and I have never forgotten that feeling.  And now, I cannot wait to experience it with you.  No matter how hard it would be again to get you here, I knew in my heart that I needed to experience that moment of holding my baby for the first time whatever the cost.

Not like I was keeping track or anything but here's what it took to get you here...
2 successful IVF cycles & 1 miscarriage
52 Lupron injections
232 IM Progesterone injections
Lots of other medications
Countless ultrasounds & blood draws

Just like your big sister, you are my miracle. I loved you from the moment I saw your embryo on the screen during our embryo transfer.  In that same moment, there was something inside me told me that you'd be a boy.  During the procedure, one of the doctors asked what our first child was but I thought she asked what we would like to have so I answered, "Boy!"  Your dad looked at me like I was crazy.  We had a good laugh after I explained the mistake.  When we got that confirmation a few months later, I smiled and laughed knowing that I knew along.

Just to give you a heads up, you are about to be cast in the role as the little prince of this entire family as soon as you are born.  You will be surrounded by tons of little girls and little girl stuff thanks to your big sister and your 3 cousins.  Don't worry though, we have stocked up on boy stuff so that you will be swaddled in blues, puppy dogs, and sailboats as opposed to pinks, princesses, and flowers.  Your dresser and closet are stocked with stripes, plaids and camo fit for a bouncing baby boy.  We even have a pair of penny loafers so that you can match your dad's preppy style.  We are anxiously awaiting for you and your big sister Eloise to meet.  She has talked about you since the moment we knew you were coming.  She likes to call you "baby brother" and talks about all the things that she will do with you when you are here.  Do me a favor and humor her when she puts a princess tiara or jewelry on you for the first time.  I love being a mom to a girly girl but I can't wait to be a "boy mom" too. Bring on the trucks, trains & whatever else makes you smile!  I'm already a "dance mom" for Eloise but I look forward to being a soccer mom, baseball mom or football mom for you.  If your Dad were writing this, he would say no matter what that I'll be a hunting mom for both you & your sister since I'm already a whitetail widow (aka hunting wife).  

As much fun as it is to think that far ahead into the future, I'm mostly looking forward to our first meeting - whenever that is.  So, I'll just be as patient as I can while I wait for you. I'm going to enjoy these last few days of being pregnant for it truly is an amazing experience.  Not every woman gets to experience what it feels like to have your baby move around inside you or get the hiccups. Honestly, I'm a little sad that those days will be coming to an end.  I'm forever grateful for being able to the experience the miracle of carrying a child.  Thank you for being my second miracle and holding on tight.  See you soon. 



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bumpdates: Week 37 & 38

~ Week 37 & 38 ~

BABY IS AS BIG AS: Swiss Chard
SLEEP: Pfft. 
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Surprise breakfast from my fellow managers. 
MISS ANYTHING? Not breaking out into a sweat at the smallest tasks.
LABOR SIGNS? 3cm dilated; 70% effaced.
SYMPTOMS: Feet swelling
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Warmer weather so I can get away with wearing maxi skirts as opposed to pants. 

"When baby brother is stinky, I give him a bath."


HOW FAR ALONG: 38 weeks
SLEEP: What's that? Weird dreams where I forget to nurse the baby plague almost nightly. 
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Laura bringing me homemade cards and my favorite foods. 
MISS ANYTHING? Not really.
LABOR SIGNS? 3-3.5cm dilated; 75% effaced
SYMPTOMS: Charlie Horses at night. 

Brad put back together our baby swing.  Eloise immediately climbed in it and said, "Look at me!"  We promptly told her that it's only for babies.  She proceeded to put 3 of her baby dolls in the swing.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Toddling Thru: Eloise's latest adventures

I figured that I'd better sit down and get one last post done about Eloise's latest interests and adventures before she becomes a big sister...

Imagination running wild
Eloise's imagination is on another level these days.  We are constantly amazed by how she plays with her toys or with others.  One of the most entertaining things she does is reenact scenes from her favorite movies and cartoons.  By far, my favorite is when she reenacts the scene from Frozen where Elsa is singing "Let it go."  Eloise will ask for help in putting her little dress up gloves on for the sole purpose of taking them off and throwing them in the air like Elsa does.  Next, she will take down her hair like Elsa does as well later on in the song. 

Proud Big Sister in the making
When anyone comes over to the house, she jumps at the chance to take them upstairs and show them the nursery.  She refers to the nursery as "baby brother's room."  She likes to go through all of his books and tell us how she will read to him.  Of course, she likes to go through his closet as well and pick out her favorite clothes and shoes.  She always tells us that his clothes are too small for her and they don't fit. 

All about that...potty...that diapers!
Over the past few months, Eloise has been making steady progress with potty training.  Her teacher at daycare is really the one to thank for this because she has been working with Eloise (and Us) on potty training.  Brad took potty training at home to another level by replacing the toilet in Eloise's bathroom with a toddler-size toilet.  It is just like the ones at school and honestly really helped with the final stages.  As you know, kids are all about routine.  Having this new potty got her excited to go to the potty and helped reinforce the routine of using the potty on a regular basis.  Eloise loves to show people her new potty and promptly tell them that they are too big for it. 

Ballerina in training
A few weeks ago, we enrolled Eloise in a dance class on Saturday mornings.  She has to wear tights, ballet shoes, and ballerina outfit.  She absolutely loves it.  After taking her to register for the class, she kept telling us that she is going to be a "Ba-rina" aka Ballerina and "dance with the girls."  I'm not sure how much she is learning but she loves to put her dress on for class and carry her little duffle bag to and from the car.  

Easter Highlights
Eloise had a great Easter and participated in no less than 3 Easter Egg Hunts between a special outing with her Grandparents, School and Grandma's House.  Just like with Santa, she really wasn't interested in the Easter Bunny. She loves the concept but don't you dare try to make her sit with the Easter Bunny or talk to him.  Her Easter baskets were filled with goodies associated with all of her current favorites - Frozen/Elsa, My Little Pony, Disney princesses, and Gardening.

From Toddler to Preschooler
As of April 6th, Eloise transitioned from the Toddler Room at school to Preschool.  With potty training mastered, she was ready for the next class.  She is so excited to be reunited with some of her friends that have moved up over the past few months.  Every day she talks about the adventures that she has with her 2 two girlfriends, Leah & Lauren, and refers to them as her sisters.  With their blonde hair and love for all things pink, some of the teachers have said they could be sisters.  Amazing how the kids pick up on that stuff so quick!  By joining Preschool, Eloise was able to enroll in Spanish classes offered as well.  She has only had 1 class so far but stay tuned to see how bilingual she becomes.  After only a few weeks, I have been blown away by the things that she has learned - days of the week, months, and weather.  My favorite part is finding out what her job is for the week.  Currently, she is the Line leader and from what she has told me, it seems like a big deal. 

Daddy built this raised garden area for him & Eloise to grow some veggies this Spring & Summer.  Eloise helped put up the fence to keep curious animals and pets out.  She also helped fill up the garden bed with lots of dirt.  After receiving some gardening tools and seeds from the Easter Bunny, she was ready to go!  Eloise & Daddy planted their 1st round of veggies and are anxiously awaiting to see what pops up first.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 34 - 36

~ Week 34 - 36 ~

HOW FAR ALONG: 34 weeks
BABY IS AS BIG AS: Cantaloupe
SLEEP: Sleepover at Grandma's = Sleep for Mama
MISS ANYTHING? Sushi & Cocktails on Date Night
SYMPTOMS: Heartburn.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Maternity Photos

One of her friend's at school has a baby brother.  When I told her this, she got so excited and told her friend, "We're like sisters!"


HOW FAR ALONG: 35 weeks
BABY IS AS BIG AS: Honeydew Melon
SLEEP: So tired
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Maternity Photos!
MISS ANYTHING? Caffeine. Specifically, a Diet Pepsi. 
FOOD CRAVINGS/AVERSIONS? Just trying to avoid aggravating the heartburn. 
SYMPTOMS: Heartburn & Body Aches/Pains.
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Easter Ham.  Seriously. 

At my check up this week, Eloise was very observant of everything that the nurse and doctor were doing.  After my doctor told me "everything looks good," Eloise chimed in saying, "You looking good Mama."

HOW FAR ALONG: 36 weeks
BABY IS AS BIG AS: Crenshaw Melon
SLEEP: Yeah...No. 
BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Moved to my new office at work.  More comfortable furniture, closer bathroom, and located on the 1st floor.
MISS ANYTHING? Shoe options.
SYMPTOMS: Heartburn, swollen feet, and lots of pressure down under. 
LOOKING FORWARD TO: Volleyball For Charity.  35th Annual Tournament & Party. 

Eloise noticed my stretch marks...
"You got scratches, Mommy? You need me to get you medicine?"

A few favorites from my maternity shoot with Chantel Ferraro...