Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our Christmas Highlights

Any holiday is better when you have kids to share it with but Christmas is the best!  Eloise really bought into the magic of Christmas this year.  It was such a delight to see how much she enjoyed everything leading up to the big day. We had so much introducing the Elf of the Shelf this year and look forward to lots of fun with Lyla Zig Za in the years to come!

In case you missed any of our fun with Lyla the Elf.  Click HERE.

Christmas Eve at Grandpa Carrot & Papa Kevin's House
Auntie Lo started a tradition of making a Gingerbread house with Eloise right after her 1st Christmas.  As you can see, there was more candy eating than candy decorating going on with Eloise. 
 As Eloise said on Christmas morning, "He came!"
 Christmas Day with Grandma Sandy & Papa Mike
 One of the Christmas traditions is a grab bag/white elephant gift exchange.  I picked up this Christmas photo prop set for one of my gifts and it was a hit!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas & wish you a Happy New Year!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Cookies with Grandma Carrot

Since Eloise's 1st Christmas, my mom aka Grandma Carrot has dreamt of making Christmas cookies with her just like how we did as kids with our Grandma and she did with hers.  Last year was their first year and Eloise had a blast.  She couldn't wait to do it again this year.  Her memory blows my mind because she remembered many of the same instructions that Grandma gave her when it came to making the cookies.  
 Thank God someone is watching that baby! 
Whatever will you do Grandma while your cookies cool? 
 We asked Eloise which was her favorite cookie. She said, "the blue one!"
 Here are the 2 sheets that Eloise decorated herself or dictated to Papa Kevin to do. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

School Christmas Fun

There are countless benefits to having Eloise & Preston at the daycare we have onsite at my work.  One of the things that I love the most is all the special activities and events that the Center does for the kids.  The Director and Teachers arrange for Santa to come every year.  He arrives in style on a fire truck thanks to a local Fire Department and leads a parade through the hospital with the kids in tow back to the Center where they all get a chance to see him and get a special gift.  Eloise has been afraid of Santa the past 2 years but this year, she was so excited to see him.  Preston was a happy camper as always. 

Santa arrives on his "sleigh."  Click HERE for the link to the video

Preston was up first to meet Santa.  If he could talk, he probably say that he would like a King size bed of his own so that he could sleep with mommy every night and have her all to himself.

This is a Christmas miracle if I've seen one!  Eloise was terrified in years past so this made my day!

She was so excited to see her name on her gift.  She said, "Look Mommy! Santa wrote my name!"

Eloise along with her classmates & teachers

Everyone sat in a circle and opened their gifts together.  While everyone was ripping open their presents, Eloise delicately opened her present.

She was thrilled to get this new pony that she has been asking for - Sunset Shimmer.  She said, "Mommy! Santa was listening!"
The school wrapped up the week with a Christmas performance

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy 7 Months Preston!

Happy 7 months Preston!
Preston's Stats

19+ lbs
Wearing 9 & 12 mo clothes 
Cut his 2 bottom front teeth 
Babbling - "da-da" 
Army crawling/scooting 
Attempting to crawl 
Transitions from sitting to laying on his tummy back to sitting
Eating solids 3 times/day 
Lifts his arms to be picked up 
Smacks my chest when he wants to nurse

Favorite foods: 
Sweet Potato & Apples 
Butternut Squash
Favorite toys & activities:
Shape sorter
Baby Einstein Octopus
Baby Piano
Anything Eloise is playing with...especially ponies
Bath time got a lot more fun once he started sitting up
Preston was mesmerized by the 1st snow we had in November. 
Preston & Piper are becoming buds. Piper is learning that Preston is a messy eater & will happily let her lick his hands. 
This monkey is trying so hard to crawl! 
Preston's teacher is getting him ready for Christmas by doing lots of Christmas crafts.