Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eloise in 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, enjoy this walk down memory lane of some of my favorite photos from each month this year. It absolutely blows my mind to see how much Eloise has changed in 1 year.  Thanks for the inspiration for this post to my fellow mommy blogger Sara!


Happy New Year!!

2014, Here we come!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Toddling Thru: Christmas Highlights

Over the past 2 weeks, Eloise has had a lot of fun celebrating Christmas.  
Enjoy these photos from all the events!

Santa stops by Eloise's daycare every year and brings gifts for every child there.  Unfortunately, Eloise was NOT a fan of Santa.  This was the only photo we could get.  Note that Mommy is the barrier between her and Santa, Daddy is holding her and Grandma is protecting her on the other side. 
Celebrating Christmas with Grandpa Jim 
Priceless moment captured of Grandpa singing Jingle Bells with all of his granddaughters
 Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike joined us for a quick visit to the Festival Lights at Cosley Zoo.  Eloise tasted her 1st hot chocolate (more like luke warm chocolate) and loved it!
 Christmas Eve morning started off with Waffles & Strawberries
 We spent the day at Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin's house
 Eloise & Auntie Lo were checking out their selflies…as always
One of Eloise's gifts from Grandma & Grandpa was a sweet baby doll.  Grandma Karen refinished the cradle that her Grandpa made over 60 years ago so that Eloise can have a place for her dolls when she plays at Grandma's.  This cradle has been played with by at least 3 generations of little girls. 
 Auntie Lo decided to start a tradition of making a craft every year.  This year she decided that her & Eloise would make a gingerbread house.  Everyone pitched in and we had a blast!
Eloise read everyone a Christmas Story
 Christmas morning started off with Daddy's homemade pancakes.  Of course, they were a hit!
 Santa brought Eloise a piano, mailbox, and a few new books.  
No surprise that she was most interested in reading her new books.
 We spent the rest of Christmas over at Grandma Sandy's & Grandpa Mike's house.  
As always, Eloise had a blast with her cousins & grandparents. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Toddling Thru

While Mom & Dad were off having fun in the sun last week, Eloise spent the week with Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin.  She had a great time and kept them on their toes.  While she was there, Auntie Lo stopped by with a fun craft project for Eloise - handmade ornaments for Mom & Dad!  She made the dough, helped Eloise make the imprints, and painted the final project. Thanks for the special gift Eloise & Auntie Lo. 

Over the past few weeks, Eloise has developed some new "tricks" too.  She has mastered pointing to some body parts on command - eyes, ear, nose, mouth, & belly.  She laughs when you ask her where her belly is because she promptly pulls up her shirt and gives her a belly a few taps.  After playing with Grandma's nativity scene all last week, she has mastered the sound of a sheep - a very low, almost growl-like BAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  Her favorite new trick is eating with a spoon or fork.

You know how kids love boxes? Well, Eloise seems to have a thing for reusable grocery bags. She put herself in this bag & wanted to be carried around in it.  
When we tried to take her out, she had a meltdown so we let her stay in it a little while longer...

Favorite Video of the week: Oh Daddy