Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016 Highlights

Eloise & Preston kicked off the Easter holiday by indulging Mommy with a themed photo shoot.  These 2 were a blast and loved the big carrots we used for props.  These 2 bunnies are too cute and were worth all the sweating and crazy antics to get some cute photos.  

Operation: Holiday Sweat Shop
I bought plain wooden bunny frames for Eloise to paint for all the grandparents' Easter gift. With each frame, she'd ask who it was for and pick her colors accordingly. 
Easter Fun at school 
Thanks to some of my fellow moms at daycare, I got the full report on Eloise & the Easter fun at school. When they were outside Eloise said to one mom, "I wonder who's in that bunny costume." She said, "Eloise, it's the Easter Bunny. That's not a costume!" Eloise responded with, "No...I think I saw some skin." Another mom told me that she didn't want her picture taken with the bunny and said, "maybe next year when I'm older." 
She had razor sharp focus when it came to the egg hunt.  She came home with a basket of eggs. 
I absolutely love putting together Easter baskets!  It is so much fun finding stuff the weeks leading up to the big day.  Eloise was so thrilled to see what the Easter Bunny brought her.
Preston's basket is a little lame this year given that he is only 10.5 months.  However, that little man loves his Gerber snacks and was happy to wear his little baby aviators. 
 We hosted Easter Brunch with Grandma Carrot, Papa Kevin & company.  We had a wonderful spread with some special treats like Auntie Lo's homemade Maple Bacon Breakfast Sausage (aka P2) and homemade Apricot Coffee Cake by Grandma Carrot.
Best joke of the day goes to Brad as he exclaimed, "He has risen!" in response to Preston standing on his own for the 1st time.  Extra credit goes to Grandma for capturing that moment. 
We wrapped up the holiday with Easter dinner at Grandma Sandy & Papa Mike's.  The 4 big girls all participated in Papa Mike's egg hunt and according to Alex they are pretty much rich now with all the money inside their eggs.  Just wait until next year when Preston & Brooke join the Egg Hunt.  The Easter Bunny may need to consider some "refinancing" and change from quarters to pennies with all these kids!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Preston: 10 months

Happy 10 months Preston Bradley! 
Bubbas is completely done with baby food. The only thing he will let you feed him is yogurt & applesauce. Everything else he likes to shovel in his mouth by the handfuls. He's eating breakfast, lunch & 2 snacks at daycare. Some of his favorites right now are waffles, blueberries, bananas, pasta & peaches. The picture below is after his first try of Chipotle. The rice & beans were a hit! 
He's even tried pizza and loved that too! 
He tries to eat dog food every day...seriously...every day. 
Unfortunately, Preston endured ear ache #5 this past month. This poor kid is miserable when he gets them especially with the high fevers that accompany them. 
After he completed his antibiotics, we made the much anticipated visit to the ENT. Thankfully his hearing is perfect but he definitely needs ear tubes. We are scheduled for surgery at the end of the month.  This was us at the ENT office taking selfies while we waited for the doctors. 
Preston is getting stronger and faster every day. He doesn't know what it means to stay put and tries to pull up & walk around wherever he is. 
This stinker is all boy as you can see by the bruise on his forehead. He thinks it's funny to head butt from time to time and can be found banging his head when he's having a baby temper tantrum. 
It's been a tough winter with all of his ear aches so we are ready for Spring! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Eloise: 3.5 years old

Ms. Eloise is 3.5 already. Where has the time gone? Here's a rundown of what this self proclaimed princess is up to these days. Enjoy! 
Current Life Goals
Get bigger like Alex (her almost 7 y/o cousin)
Grow yellow hair longer like Auntie Lo
Be Line Leader every week at school 
Get more ponies 

Lipasticka - Chapstick
Play Doh
Ballet class
My Little Pony 
Fun times in Preschool Room #2
Ms. Laura & Ms. Blanca 
Reading with her BFF Lauren in the tree house. 
Sometimes it feels like I'm playing a never ending game with you but I don't know the rules or the rules keep changing. Such is the life when you have a threenager. 

Meal time fun 
To be called to the table to eat for any meal, we must say: 
"If you have yellow hair and (insert the item of clothing you are wearing), come & eat!"

If you eat all of your food, we let you have a treat or candy. Every time you ask us how many pieces of candy you can have by saying, "can I have 3 or 4 or 2?" The answer is always 2 but can't blame a girl for trying. 

Cheese Sandwich = Grilled Cheese. 
Don't call it grilled cheese cuz you won't eat it if we do. 

Coffee = Hot Chocolate from the Keurig
Crackers & Cheese = Lunchables

Life Lessons
• If you have a baby in your belly, you ate a baby. 

• If you laugh too much, your teeth will fall out. 

• If you're the line leader, people can't go in front of you. If they do, they are rude. 

• If you don't stay by your mommy or daddy, a stranger will get you & that's not good. 

Big Sister status: Awesome
Eloise is so good with Preston. We really couldn't ask for a better relationship between them. No matter where we are, she often tells us, "I wanna give Preston a hug or a kiss." She does this everyday when I'm dropping them off at school. In the moments when she is losing her patience with him and requesting that I "move him from her area," I think about how tender she is with him on the car rides home during the week. Preston hates car rides & will often scream the whole ride (35-45 minutes). Eloise talks to him so sweetly and says, "it's ok Bubbas...no need to cry...it's ok." Sometimes she even sings to him or makes funny faces. It's precious. I love it when she calls him "Prestie" or "Bubbas" or "Monkey Man." He absolutely adores her and loves watching her. 
Lately, she has shown some subtle signs of jealousy so I'm trying to do more one-on-one activities with her where she truly has my undivided attention. She has learned the phrase - Girls Night Out - and I love it! 

Eloise loves her books. Each night she picks out 2-3 books before bed. We read it first and then she "reads" it. Her memory is impressive when she recounts the story but her imagination is even more impressive when she decides to make up her own story. 
It's true what they say - the days are long but the years are short. Before we know it, you'll be 4 and headed off to Pre-K. But for now, live it up with your threenager status and keep us laughing everyday.