Sunday, September 8, 2013

Party Central: Eloise's 1st Birthday

Eloise's 1st Birthday Celebration
 Eloise's Treat Table
 Cake Pops made by Aunt Laura
 Eloise's Birthday Crown
 Custom cupcakes by my old friend Jen Selvage: 
Lemon with Blueberry & Vanilla with Strawberry
 #1 Sugar Cookies made by Grandma Karen
Smash Cake 
 Anthony the Balloon Guy was a huge hit and made balloon creations for every kid there!  Eloise got her creation first and loved her Ariel mermaid. Anthony made a unicorn, Pluto the dog, octopus, Minnie Mouse, a giant flower, and a few Spidermen
 Logan requested a Zombie eating brains and that's exactly what he got!
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!  

See something you like? 
Here are the links to some of the custom items for the party.

Birthday Bib & Bloomers (not pictured) - Doodlebug Design Boutique

Check out my Pinterest board with lots more ideas & inspiration!

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  1. Love love love love! Great details! What a wonderful birthday party!