Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy 9 months Preston

Happy 9 months Bubba Chubbas! 
It's hard to believe that we are in the home stretch of your first year with just 3 months left until your 1st birthday.  You are an active little boy these days as you are crawling at lightning speed and pulling up and cruising on every surface.  I have a feeling that you will be walking well before your 1st birthday.  I still can't believe that you have 8 teeth.  Because of that, we are moving forward with trying more and more finger food.  Every meal is a battle between you wanting to feed yourself and me wanting to make sure you are actually getting some food into your belly as opposed to onto your lap.  Lots of Ba-Ba, Da-Da, Da!, Da? 
Bubba Chubbas
Ju Ju Monkey 
Weight: 21 lbs (68%)
Height: 28.75in (63%)
Head circumference: 18.35 in (89%)
After a few attempts to escape the baby bath, we finally decided to put you in the big tub.  Your little expression says it all.  You love it!
While your sleep at night has gone back to normal thanks to the break in the teething & ear ache dynamic duo and some tough love from Mama (aka crying it out), your weekend naps are another story.  For some reason, you REFUSE to nap in your crib on the weekends.  If you aren't being held, there is no nap going on.  It did make me feel better when you pulled the same thing at daycare with Ms. Tee too.  Here is the photo proof!
Favorite Foods
Puffs & Gerber snacks 
Pizza (mostly crust)
Mini Rice cakes 
Graham crackers 
Vegetable Fried Rice

You are having a blast starting to eat big kid food at daycare.  It's so fun to hear that new things that try each day.
At the end of the day, this is where I find you.  Standing at the door of your classroom, watching the big doors to see if Mama is going to come thru next.  Every time I see you do this, I'm reminded of Eloise doing the same thing.  
No matter how many toys we put in front of you, all you want is Eloise's ponies!  You are driving her crazy but it's fun to see you try to play with her.  
Just when she thinks that she can have a moment of peace & quiet and watch some My Little Pony on the iPad...