Friday, January 22, 2016

8+ Months

Better late than never! Preston had his first golden birthday on January 8th when he turned 8 months. Lucky for him, he shared this "birthday" with Grandma Karen. 
What is Preston up to? 
Pulling up
Learning to feed himself 
Trying out the sippy cup & drinking from a straw 
Teething, teething & more teething  
Many parents at daycare, including me, consider this a rite of passage when you baby starts pulling up & standing at the doorway. 
Feeding himself Puffs & Mum-mums. 
Did I mention that he's teething? Bubbas has cut 8 teeth since the beginning of December. Literally, all 4 on top have cut through at the same time in addition to the bottom 4. I've actually caught him try to chew on the brick fireplace! 
A sweet note from his teacher Ms. Tee...
No matter how many toys we put in front of him, he always makes his way to Eloise & her ponies. 
As of last week, Preston is no longer the baby on Brad's side of the family. Aunt AJ & Uncle Brian welcomed baby Brooke on January 14th. 
Preston is a lucky boy to be surrounded by all these girls! 
Everyday Preston seems to get more hair. It's coming in light brown & blonde right now. It's so weird to picture him with hair as opposed to his big beautiful bald head.