Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby Face Friday: 12 Weeks

Weight: 13lbs 12oz
Height: 23 inches
Sleep: Good :)

What is Eloise doing?
  • Sucking her fists NON STOP.  This little girl is trying so hard to figure out how to suck her thumb.  
  • Rolling a little to one side but not enough to roll over
  • Lots of babbling and "conversation" 
Highlights from this week

1st trip to see Santa
Headband from The Loopsy Daisy on Etsy
1st Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Now that Eloise has hit the scene, everything has a new meaning or significance.  We could probably watch every movie, read every book, or participate in every activity again and it would have a different meaning because of our new roles as parents.  Many people use the month of November or the Thanksgiving holiday to note all that they are thankful for so I figured that we should do the same!

Eloise is thankful for...
-Her pacifier...seriously
-Her Swing
-Her Play Mat
-A Dad that smiles that instant he sees her
-A Mom that makes up silly songs all day & night just to make her smile
-A dog that has only stole her pacifier one far
-A family filled with people who loved her from the moment that they knew she was coming

Mom is thankful for...
-Science, Technology, & Medical professionals that made becoming a Mom a Reality
-A baby girl to call her own
-A partner who loves being a parent just as much as she does

Dad is thankful for...
-A baby girl who gives smiles the instant she sees his face.
-A baby girl who loves to wear pink camou
-A wife who supports his hunting hobby

And then there are these few things that I'm REALLY thankful for...

Text messaging. Sorry, I don't have time to have a real conversation or I'm trying to spare you the background noise of hearing Eloise nurse. 
Speakerphone. I need both hands pretty much all the time.
Smart phones.  I can take photos, check emails, order diapers from Amazon, write my grocery list, & play Words with Friends.  
Amazon Prime.  A quick run to Target is a distant memory.  Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom is my new bestie.  
Baby stuff that vibrates.  No explanation needed. 
A great hair cut...or I should say a great hairstylist.  Getting my haircut snapped me back & helped me feel human again after having the baby.   
FMLA.  I don't have quite enough leave to be off & get paid the whole time but thanks to FMLA I have been able to be home as long as I need to be.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby Face Friday: 11 Weeks

Weight: 13lbs 6oz
Height: 23 inches
Sleep: Sleeping thru the night
What is Eloise doing?
Sucking on her hands, focusing, laughing like you wouldn't believe

Highlights from this week:

Play date with Sasha
 Play date with the Flores Boys - Milo & Leo. 
I love how Milo now refers to me as "Eloise's Mom" as opposed to Mandy 
 Wishing Daddy good luck on his favorite hunting weekend

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby Face Friday: 10 Weeks

Weight: 13lbs
Height: 23 inches
Sleep: Sleeping thru the night! Mom & Dad are attempting to move up my bedtime in preparation for Mom going back to work soon. 

Highlights from this week:

Play date with fellow Hines VA babies - Claire & Henry
Trying out the Bumbo Seat since Eloise loves to sit up and look around
Hanging out on the Play Mat with Piper & trying to figure out what to do with my hands
Eloise has been doing a great job on her photo shoots since Day 1.  
She is quite the assistant & already has her own camera to practice with - Thanks Aunt Nicole!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Decision 2012

Like Father, Like Daughter...

My name is Eloise Kalins and I approve this blog post. 

**Special Thanks to cousin Jacob, Uncle Dan & Aunt Patti for making this politically charged onesie for Brad!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Baby Face Friday: 2 months

Happy 2 months Eloise Joy!!

Weight: 12.2oz - 80%
Height: 23 inches - 70%
Sleep: Sleeping like a champ!
Likes: Playing on the floor mat, playing with hanging toys on your bouncey seat, Attending Gymboree class, Bouncing with her legs with a little support from Mom or Dad.
Developmental achievements: Laughing, smiling, cooing, following objects

The newest thing for Eloise's 2nd month is that we started attending a Play & Learn class at Gymboree twice a week & loves it.  We sing songs & play games.  Here we are on Halloween.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

It sure has been a Happy Halloween for Eloise's 1st Halloween.  
Here are a few highlights:

We hosted a little Halloween party with the Thakurs, Archers, & Carmona-Caravellis.  
Who knew it would be so hard to get 3 little girls into their costumes & look at that camera?!?

Eloise sported many Halloween outfits this month.  
Here she is rocking one of her "My 1st" Holiday onesie stickers!
Look at my personalized onesie from Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike

Drum roll, please, for the official Halloween costume.....................

Our Little Night Owl