Friday, October 30, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 25 weeks

Preston is inching toward 18lbs and is on the move.  Whether he is rolling or doing a modified army crawl/scoot, he gets to where he wants to go.  For example, I was trying to take a picture of his monster on the back of his pants but he kept spinning around to look at me. Stinker!

Last weekend, Auntie Lo stayed over to keep us company while Daddy was away hunting.  Preston loves his Auntie Lo as much as Eloise does.
Preston is perfecting his sitting skills day by day. 

Preston may not know what Halloween is all about but he was digging his little pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch. 
Stay tuned for another blog post with all the Halloween Fun!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 24 Weeks

For having his 1st ear infection and round of antibiotics, this little man is still a happy guy! I also think he looks like a little frat boy today with his jeans & tshirt. 

Preston is now eating solids three times a day. Cereal and fruit in the morning, cereal & milk for lunch, and vegetable at night. So far Preston has tried sweet potatoes, bananas and peas. Just like his big sister, he loved them all! Avocado, squash, peaches & pears are on the horizon.  I've given him a sippy cup a few times as well and he had more fun playing with it than drinking from it.  I think he was surprised when the cold water actually reached his lips. 

Yum! Toes! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Fun & Baby Face Friday

Last weekend Eloise & Preston had a fall fun-filled few days.  We went to the Children's Farm in Palos with Grandma Carrot, Papa Kevin, Great Grandma & Auntie Lo.  Eloise loved petting all the animals.  Eloise helped everyone pick out pumpkins to bring home too.  
 On Columbus Day, we met up with Aunt Dina & the girls at Sonny Acres.  The girls had a blast riding on the different rides including a hay ride through the spooky forest, a train and few bigger rides.  
 A glimpse into the future of these two hitting the town together...
 Alex & Eloise - our thrill seekers.
Baby Face Friday : 23 Weeks

Preston had a busy week with pumpkin patch visits & trying solid foods.  He loved his sweet potatoes and bananas.  Great start Bubbas! Unfortunately, he also experienced another new thing - his 1st ear infection and round of antibiotics.  He's still smiling away though.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 5 months

Happy 5 Months Preston!

Weight: 16lbs 12oz
Clothes: Wearing 6-9mo and 9mo clothes

Eating rice cereal for breakfast & dinner and soon to be lunch.  His daycare teacher said it best when she said that Preston gobbles down his cereal as is he has been eating it from day 1.  He gets so excited to sit in his chair and eat.  Wait until he finds out that food is so much more than rice cereal & breast milk!   
Preston has gotten very "handsy" this month.  And by that I mean that he is grabbing at everything and everyone.  He's discovered how fun it is to pull hair.  Watch out Eloise!  If you give him a toy, it goes right into the mouth.  That goes for the toes too.  The other night he was eating dinner in his highchair and trying to put his toes in his mouth in between spoonful's of cereal.  Trust me Bubba, it's get better than toes & cereal.  Just you wait!
These 2 love each other so much.  Eloise always engages Preston when she can.  She loves to play with him and talk to him.  He of course thinks she is the most amazing person in the world and laughs at her like no other.  When they are 15 & 12, I will show them these types of photos. 

This was Mommy's attempt at a cute photo with our Front Door Fall D├ęcor.  Yeah....

Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 21 weeks

This has probably been the best week ever for Preston because we introduced rice cereal at dinner time.  He is a piggy and loves it! If you can't view the video, click HERE.

Preston loves his Auntie Lo.  He's got a thing for the blonde ladies in his life...