Friday, June 26, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 7 weeks

This week Preston has started a love affair with his monkey wubanub. 
So much smiling & cooing. Keep it coming buddy! 
The person who can get the best smiles from Preston is Eloise. His whole demeanor changes when she gets close to him. One of my friends told me that Eloise would be like the sun to Preston and she was right. Of note, she loves it too! She lights up when he smiles back at her. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 6 weeks

New trick: Smiling!
 Happy Father's Day weekend everyone!
Fun Fact: I made this onesie when I was pregnant with Eloise and gave it to Brad on Father's Day in 2012.  Both kids have worn it now with love for their Daddy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Toddling Thru: Eloise as a big sister

The Burning Question: How is Eloise doing? 

She's doing better than to be expected. She is absolutely obsessed with her baby brother. Just like any almost 3-year-old, she's a little bit of a drama queen these days and can be quite bossy. Lucky for us, Eloise knows everything - what to eat, where to go, how to do things and when to do things. It can be a challenging age at times but is honestly the most entertaining stage so far. She makes us laugh everyday. Whether she is reenacting a scene from My Little Pony or telling us a story, we are entertained.  

Since Eloise has started preschool, she has learned so much. She tells us the days of the week, the month & the year almost every day at dinner. She loves to tell us what her job is for the week in school. Her absolute favorite is being the line leader. A close second is probably the lights. She loves to turn our lights on & off now.  I've also noticed that she's really interested in helping us out. She will  regularly ask, "can I help?" or "can I go with?" 

I'm doing my best to try to make sure that Eloise feels special or at best just as special as she thinks her new baby brother is. Sometimes all it takes is to get her sunglasses that match mine.

With all the baby gear making a reappearance, Eloise has adopted some items as new toys for her.  It often takes repeated attempts to tell her that these items are for babies to ensure that she doesn't climb into the swing or suck on the pacifier.  We've gotten to the point where she understands that she was once a baby and used to use all these things but now uses different stuff because she is big. We regularly talk about differences between her & Preston - big vs small size, baby vs big girl toys, baby's eating habits vs Eloise's eating habits. 

We are constantly answering 2 questions: "What are you doing?" and "What is baby brother doing?"  
Eloise has had many questions about nursing & pumping since day 1. Little by little, she has gotten it. I can't help but crack up when I see her imitate me so perfectly in regards to this. 

In all honesty, Eloise is a great big sister and is doing a great job adjusting to our growing family.  I can't blame every temper tantrum or naughty behavior on this adjustment because I know that it's her age or simply just her having a bad day. It's funny how we forget that toddlers can have bad days just like grown ups! 

I'm so thankful that I get the opportunity to figure out how to navigate being a mom to these two. I know how blessed I am that I get to wake up everyday to these sweet faces. We all know it's not 24/7 rainbows & sunshine, but it's worth it if all you get on some days is just one moment like this...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 5 Weeks

Preston was 5 weeks on Friday! He had his official 1 month check up that day so we were able to get his latest stats. He weighed in at 10lbs 11oz! 
This past week we introduced the bottle. Preston took it like a champ. My goal is one bottle a day so he's used to them by the time he's going to daycare. 
Every once in a while, Preston will discover his thumb and suck on it. Who knows if it will be his thing as opposed to the pacifier. 
One last thing - look who's giving me some smiles! 
And one little video of some "chatter"

Monday, June 8, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 4 weeks

Preston's Stats: 
Weight: 10lbs 2oz
Wearing size 1 diapers & quickly growing out of all the 0-3 month clothes. Newborn clothes were history before the end of week 1. 

Laying on the changing table or pad. Just like Eloise, Preston loves to stretch out on his changing tables, look around, kick his legs & coo. 
Laying in bed with Eloise. These are very, very brief moments where Preston gets to lay next to Eloise in her bed while she showers him with kisses and talks to him. 

Fave photos & videos from this week:

I call this one "Double Grandma" duty 

One more...someone else wanted their picture taken on the chair