Monday, June 23, 2014

Toddling Thru

Sometimes the only photos you take during the week are Mommy & Mini Selfies.

While we were playing outside one night, Eloise invented her own game that we are calling,
"Ready - Set - Go."
Bubbles with Papa

In case you missed it, here is the Father' Day video that Eloise & Mommy made for Daddy

Mommy also did a special Father's Day photo shoot with Eloise & her cousins.  Check that out here.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Toddling Thru: Lots of Love

Daddy got a new toy for him & Eloise

 Eloise is making it known early on that she feels very comfortable going through my closet.

If you ask Eloise who her favorite people are she would probably say, "Papa!"  
If you ask her who makes her laugh the most, she would say, "Papa!"  
She loves her Papas and loves doing fun things with them...

Playing piano with Papa Mike
 Hunting Turtles with Papa Kevin
This week marked the end of era for Eloise - the end of her time in the Young Toddler room with Ms. Lupe.  She is fully transitioned to the Older Toddler with Ms. Louise.  There are no words to describe how much we love Ms. Lupe.  She gave Eloise her first set of pigtails and many other fancy hairdos.  She taught Eloise Please, Thank You, and I love you.  She got Eloise to sleep on a cot, eat with utensils, and start using the potty.  Honestly, there are probably 1000 more things that she has been instrumental in teaching Eloise or helping her understand that I can't begin to rattle anymore off! Lupe treats all the kids in her room like they are her very own.  Eloise loved her so much that she would run to her almost every day when she saw her in the hallway.  Thanks to Lupe I have so many great photos of Eloise at daycare.  She would text me throughout the week with photos or updates on how she was doing.  We love you Lupe!  Good thing you are just right down the hall now.  

Toddler Story Time 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Toddling Thru: Week in Photos

Happy June!  Summer is finally here!  
Check out Eloise's week in photos. 
We are having a detached garage installed but we are pretty sure that Eloise thinks that is her very own dance floor or running track.
Checking on her growing tree. 
 Eloise has figured how to use the the climbing wall all by herself.  No big deal. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Toddling Thru: 21 Months

Eloise is 21 months!!

Eloise has gone thru a foot growth spurt this month and is now wearing a size 7 in her shoes. 
Eloise has a mouth of teeth that we have lost count of how many she has.  Thankfully, she enjoys brushing her teeth and only needs the encouragement of a silly song to get her going.  Eloise has been expressing some interest at home and school in using the potty.  She goes on the potty at least once a day both at home and at school and it so pleased with herself when she does.  She demands to use the potty by saying, "My Botty (aka potty)."  This month has been all about her exploding vocabulary! She says please & thank you for almost everything which is so adorable.  When she says please she puts her little hands together as if she is praying.  Seriously.  I die.  She loves to identify all her school friends' parents such as "Juicy (aka Lucy) mommy....Fi Fi (aka Phoebe) dada...Da Da (aka Daxton) mommy...Nonall (aka Conall) mommy."  Eloise loves to jabber to herself and make up little songs when she is playing or riding in the car.  She has definitely starting expressing her preferences or opinions on anything she can.  She requests certain cartoons & specific sunglasses.  When she doesn't want to take a picture, she says, "No Cheese." When she doesn't want to give you a high five, she says, "No Five."  

How dare you ask me to put away my toys at school!
Eloise is becoming more and more independent.  She navigates the swing set with no problem.  
Eloise has been in swim lessons for a little over a month now and is starting to like it more and more. She is getting more comfortable in the water and practicing her skills. 

Now that the weather is warming up, we have been spending a ton of time outside.  Eloise loves to feed the fish in the pond, check on her trees, smell the flowers, and blow bubbles.  

Eloise had her first trip to a Hibachi restaurant this month too.  She loved her Miso soup and chopsticks.  She kept herself entertained throughout the rest of the dinner with some Sophia the First stickers.  She left the restaurant with a full "sleeve" of stickers.
 One of the biggest milestones of this month was Eloise's transition to her toddler bed.  She loves it!

Honorable mention for Piper Kalins (our dog) who turned 8 this month.  Eloise and Piper are truly like siblings as they snuggle, fight, steal from each other, and tattle on each other thru whining or barking.