Thursday, June 9, 2016

Toddling Thru: Preston is 13 months

It's only been one month since Preston had his 1st birthday and yet it's like he has turned into a dare devil toddler over night.  A week before his birthday, we was toddling around and looking like a mash up between a zombie and King Kong as he was unsteadily walking around with arms up in the air.  Now, he is walking with such confidence, spinning around to change directions on one foot, and trying to run.  We don't sit down anymore - seriously.   Some common phrases in the Kalins House these days are:

"Preston! Leave the dog food alone!"
"Preston! Stay away from the stairs!"
"Preston! Come play with your toys."

Preston did pretty good with weaning from nursing.  Not only is he done with that but he is not drinking out of bottles either.  It's sippy cups all day, every day in every form we have.  He's adjusting to drinking cold whole milk just fine and loves to walk around with his cup tipped up in the air, chugging away.  He has always been a good eater but lately his appetite is off the charts!  I tell people all the time that he 3:1 what Eloise does.  Just when I think that they could share an entrĂ©e, he will eat his half and be looking for more.  God help me when he is a teenager! 
One of the new skills or tricks that Preston has picked up is the adorable "Uh-Oh" when he throws something...I mean...drops something on the floor.  It's seriously cute.  He is vocalizing so much more these days and it's fun trying to figure out what he is trying to communicate to us.  I'm anxious to hear how he tries to say Eloise.  My sister Laura was called Lo Lo by me and other kids growing up and I still call her that today.  Eloise is always telling me what she thinks Preston is saying and I just have to laugh.  Preston has also mastered the art of the climbing or should I say scaling the stairs in the house.  He is fast!  We didn't really need the baby gates with Eloise as a baby or toddler.  Preston is another story.  Say what you want but there is just something different about girls & boys.
Summer is officially here!  We are looking forward to many trips to Grandma & Grandpa's pool.
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