Sunday, November 24, 2013

Toddling Thru: 100th Post!

Can you believe it Eloise?  
This is the 100th post for The Littlest Kalins!

This week in photos:
Frienemies is the best way I can describe these 2. Obsessed with each other but drive each other nuts. 
Happy Shotgun Season to Daddy! Thanks to our cousin Jacob for making these custom hunting hats with the Stag Run logo! Stag Run is Daddy's 67 acre hunting property in Western IL. The hats must have been good luck since Daddy got a deer on Saturday morning. 
Mastering the cup
Giving this whole coloring thing a try 
Video of the week: "Gravy"
In case you missed it over on Sew Snappy... 
Who wore it best? 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Toddling Thru

1st School Picture

It's official - Eloise has graduated to the Young Toddler Room.  This transition has been bittersweet for me because both Eloise & I have fallen head over heels in love with Ms. Vicki, her teacher in the infant room, over the last 11 months.  Eloise would basically leap into Vicki's arms every morning when I dropped her off.  Over the past month, Vicki and I kept saying to each other that we weren't sure how the transition was going to go because Eloise adored her so much.  Thankfully, her transition has gone just fine.  Eloise's new teacher, Miss Lupe, is an absolute doll.  Now that she is with the toddlers, Eloise has been reunited with some of her little pals that used to be in the infant room with her.  I love hearing her little friends call her by name.  It is too cute!  Miss Lupe is so great about texting the parents pictures of their kids throughout the day.  Getting a picture from her almost every day this week has helped put my mind at ease. 
We love you Ms. Vicki!

"Once you're done with that baby, come back over here and rub my back until I fall asleep."
This week has been a week of firsts for Eloise...
 First nap on a cot
First time playing outside with big kids
First time sportin' a back packcuz that's what toddlers do

I'm so happy that Eloise has done so great at the daycare and feel blessed every day to have this great service.  Our daycare is truly amazing and I'm excited to get more involved with the ongoing expansion and programming as I have just been elected to the Board of Directors.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toddling Thru: 14 months

Big Punks is 14 months!
Shoe Size: 4.5 or 5
Clothes: 12 -18mos, 18 mos
Favorite TV shows: Octonauts, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First, Jungle Junction
New Foods this month: Pizza, Fish, Grapes
Eloise's new tricks & talents:
Climbing up on the couch all by herself
"Reading" to herself

Riding around on all of her scooters and her big red car all by herself.
 Ob-sessed with drinking out of her own water bottle.  
Rockin' the fountain hairdo.
Climbing stairs

Bonus video for the month:
Just like all moms do, I made up a little song to distract Eloise with sunglasses while I change her and get her dressed.  Now, every time she sees sunglasses, she expects the song and dances. Enjoy!