Friday, July 24, 2015

Baby Face Friday: 11 weeks

Preston was baptized on Sunday 7/19. He truly is a blessing to our family. He has such a healing power when you hold him and he smiles at you.  God Bless this sweet baby. 
Preston & his Godparents - Aunt AJ & Uncle Brian
Preston rolled over this week. It only happened only once but we are now high alert now for this active boy! #stopgrowingup
As always, Eloise had to get in on the photo action. 
Here are some outtakes:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Highlights from Lake Geneva

With my maternity leave coming to an end in a few weeks, we decided to getaway for a few days with the kiddos and celebrate our birthdays.  We found a great deal on Groupon Getaways for Geneva Ridge Resort.  We had stayed there before and knew it was a great place.  We opted for a room with a King size bed & pull-out couch.  We requested a crib for Preston as well.  Having the pull out couch was great because it gave some additional space for Eloise to play and she thought it was cool to have a "secret bed." We went Monday - Wednesday and it made enjoying Lake Geneva even better because there were no crowds, ample parking, and a quiet Lake to boat on.  

Enjoy the photo highlights from our trip!
Eloise loved going to the arcade room and playing the "candy game."  
I'm pretty sure the mini fridge in our hotel room was never used for pump parts and breastmilk.  
Renting the boat was the highlight of the trip.  Being a Tuesday morning, the Lake was quiet and calm.  Eloise loved it and Preston was rocked to sleep early on.
Eloise loves to swim with Daddy as he makes it tons of fun by playing games and dunking himself.
Our first family vacation with 4 of us was a success!  Can't wait for our next one. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Baby Face Friday - 9 & 10 Weeks

 Week 9 
Could Preston be any more uninterested in this photo?  What ever will I do to make him smile? Oh yeah, bring in Eloise! 
Week 10
Preston is working on his selfie game. 

Coming up next - a post about our little Getaway to Lake Geneva. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Preston Bradley ~ 2 months

Preston Bradley is 2 months old!  
The past month has been pretty busy for our little man.  We have attended various family gatherings and tried to enjoy the sunshine whenever we can.  Preston is weighing in around 12lbs 6oz.  He is wearing 3-6mo clothes as I think he is getting longer too.  We will have to wait for his 2 month check up next week to get the official stats from the Dr.  This month, he has become so much more alert and engaging.  Some days, it feels like you can carry on a conversation with him as he is so "chatty."  He loves bath time and kicks his little legs and feet the whole time.  I can tell already that he is going to be an active little boy.  Of course, Eloise is the light of his life and he loves to see her and turns to her voice whenever she is around.

Enjoy some photo highlights from this month:

Celebrating Father's Day at the Clarks
Growing up, my sister and I used to beg our parents to get a heater for their pool.  All it took was 2 grandkids to convince them.  Preston got in for a swim as Grandma cranked the heater up to 90.  It was like a big bath tub and he loved it.  
Preston gets 1 bottle of pumped milk a day to ensure that he is comfortable with the bottle when it comes time for daycare.  He has done great with it since day 1 and even likes to "hold" it.  
Eloise is always looking out for Preston.  Making sure he has his "firefighter" aka his pacifier and checking on him when he is sleeping.  The other day she asked if she could help Daddy feed him and he was happy to pass off the task. 
Preston goes to bed about an hour before Eloise so she likes to check on him before she gets her bath to make sure that he is still sleeping.  It's not good enough to check on him using the video monitor.  She has to creep into his room and put her eyes on him.
Tummy time.
Cuddles from Aunt Patti
I'm calling this group of photos "The Preston & Eloise show."  
Their little personalities shine through in every one. 

Here's a little sample of Preston's chatter