Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Toddling Thru

Eloise's Week in Photos
Sometimes she can't even be bothered with taking her coat before she needs to color

Munchkins for the Munchkin
 Eloise got to see a real life turtle at Cosley as they were having a special turtle day.  
She was super excited to see all the "Tuttles"
There wasn't a cloud in the sky but this little girl needed this umbrella
We ventured out to Lake Ellyn in Glen Ellyn to scope it out since Mommy is doing a photo shoot there in a few weeks.  In case you are wondering, the playground was a big hit too. 

 We celebrated with Grandpa Kevin (aka Papa) for his birthday last Sunday.  Good luck getting a picture of these two because they are too busy having fun and rocking on the rocking chair!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Toddling Thru

Eloise had her 1st trip to Chuck E. Cheese last week and had a blast!  She loved running between all the different games and putting the tokens in the machines.  At the end of our visit, she was able to get a Chuck E. Cheese whistle and a sticker sheet with the tickets she won.  
 We definitely have a future gamer on our hands. 
 We had a great Mother's Day last Sunday too.  We started our day by having brunch at Grandma Sandy's & Grandpa Mike's house.  Grandpa Mike made a wonderful brunch and didn't let the mommies lift a finger.

Grandma Sandy & Eloise
 Mommy & Mini Selfie
 We continued our Mother's Day celebration with a BBQ with Grandma Karen & Great Grandma Fitz
Grandma Karen (K-ma) & Eloise

My one request of Brad for the whole weekend was that he take a good picture of me & Eloise.  Requested granted :)
Mommy loves you Eloise.  You are my whole world and always will be. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Toddling Thru: 20 Months

Eloise is 20 months old!
Who, me? Yes, you!

Eloise has been busy this past month.  Here is a run down of what she has been up to:

  • Started swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School.  She loves it up until the point that she has to get her face wet.  From what Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin say, Mommy was the same way.  Apple doesn't far from the tree, eh?  She spends a lot of time waving to her spectators and blowing kisses when she should be blowing bubbles!
  • Attended her 1st Princess Party as Cinderella.  Eloise loved to put on her pretty dress and tiara. When we first showed it to her, she said, "Wow!" She refused to wear her fancy shoes and opted for the gym shoes.  You can check out more pics from the Princess Party here. 
  • We made our 1st visit of this season to Cosley Zoo and had a blast.  Eloise knows every animal there now along with their sounds.  She had the time of her life running to all the different animal areas.  We saw ducks, cows, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and birds. Eloise got to feed the ducks too.

  • Bubbles are really "it" right now with Eloise.  She loves to talk about bubbles and tries so hard to blow them herself.

Some of Eloise's best "tricks" right now are:
  • Asking go outside by saying, "Side?"
  • Calls frogs "Ri-Ri" which is short for ribbit, ribbit
  • Refers to all birds as ducks and telling you that they fly
  • Refers to Butterflies & other bugs as "Flies"
  • Says Turtle so cute that you could almost die
  • Requests "Ffffrrooooot" after dinner every night but is referring to squeezable fruit yogurt
  • Refers to all drinks that Daddy & Mommy have as "Coff- Coff."  On the weekends, we always get Dunkin Donuts and Eloise will say, "Mommy...Daddy...Coff-Coff"
  • Says Please when she asks for something almost every time.  Daddy is real sucker for this especially when she is asking for something she shouldn't have.
One of Mommy's favorite times of the day is listening to Daddy give Eloise a bath.  They laugh, play, and splash the whole time.  Daddy blows bubbles with Eloise and even lets her pour water on his head!