Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Cookies at the Clark's

Last Sunday, Grandma Carrot & Papa Kevin had us over for our annual Christmas Cookie Party.   Grandma made 6 dozen cut out sugar cookies the day before so that we could focus all of our energy on decorating.  Of course, there still was a lot of frosting taste testing and cookie sampling going on throughout the day.  Eloise & Grandma made cookies to look like everyone in the family!  See if you can find them in the mix here.  
Confession: I bought the kids matching chef hats in hopes that I could get some cute pics but BOTH of their heads were too big for these "young child-sized" hats.  Oh well! I just propped it up on Preston's big ole head and snapped away.  
Note the thickness of that frosting application! That is the handy work of Papa. 

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