Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Celebrations 2016

Eloise & Preston had an amazing Christmas!  Having children really brings out the magic of Christmas.  I cannot tell you how fun it is to get these two dressed up in their Christmas best.  They looked cute at every celebration we had this season. 
We kicked off our official Christmas celebration with Papa Jim the weekend before Christmas as we always do.

Next up was Christmas Eve by Grandma Sandy & Papa Mike.  Thanks to Grandma Sandy, the kids all had some fun Christmas-themed headbands and Christmas light necklaces.  They were a hit!  Eloise was beyond thrilled to get the Barbie house that she has been wanting from Grandma & Papa. 
After a fun night with the Kalins & Backer families, we headed home, put the kids right to bed and played Santa. 
Brad found this awesome website where you can download a photo of your living room & Christmas tree and a Santa photo will be added.  We told Eloise that we were going to try to capture Santa with our camera so when she saw this photo, she flipped out!  She loved it and even brought it to school for Show & Tell. 

Time to unwrap those presents!
Eloise was so surprised to get all the Troll toys because, "how did Santa even know that I loved Trolls and wanted these toys?  I never told him when I saw him!"
Preston is all about Mickey these days and loved some of his new toys.
In case anyone had a doubt, this beefcake is born to play sports!
Time for stockings!
Picking out stocking stuffers is just as fun for me as shopping for the big gifts.  I even fill Brad's stocking every year. 
Last Christmas, Eloise was fascinated with the idea of someone getting a lump of coal in their stocking if they were bad.  When I saw this candy this year, I had to pick it up for her.
Preston got a drill set from Santa and was ready to help Brad put together all the toys. 
 To wrap up our Christmas celebrations, we headed over to Grandma Carrot & Papa Kevin's house. 

Eloise got a FurReal Pet from Auntie Lo & her boyfriend Greg.  She named it Twinkles and loves it.

Grandma found Bubbas a "BUBBA" sign made of antlers.  Perfection!
We finished out the night with eating the last of the Christmas cookies that Eloise decorated a few weeks ago.  They were delicious!

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