Monday, November 24, 2014

Toddling Thru: Conversations with Eloise

Eloise has a lot to say these days.  Here are some of my favorite sound bites from the past few weeks.

Mommy: Eloise, are you done eating?
Eloise: No. I finishing.

Mommy: Eloise, are you done going potty?
Eloise: No. I finishing.

Mommy steps up on stepstool to grab something.
Eloise: Mommy! Be careful.

Eloise: Guys - stay right here.  I go get my doggie. 
Mommy & Daddy: Did she just call us guys? (desperately trying not to laugh).

Daddy: Eloise - give Daddy his cup.
Eloise: No. It's Eloise's.
Eloise: It's snowing! I make a snowman? 
Mommy: No honey. There isn't enough snow. 
Eloise: Okay, Mommy. 
Walks away & comes back to window 2 minutes later.
Eloise: Mommy! It's snowing! Snowman?
Mommy shakes head & laughs. 

Eloise: Grandma, sit down! You're in time out.
Mommy & Grandma: Why is Grandma in time out?
Eloise: You not listening.
Cue uncontrollable laughter and guilty face of Mommy.  Someone is my little parrot.

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