Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baby Face Friday: 51 Weeks

This past weekend was jam-packed with fun.  Friday night, Aunt Laura slept over and stayed to hang out on Saturday.  Eloise was treated to Aunt Laura's signature mini quiches and fresh strawberries for breakfast.  She loved them both.  Thanks to the fun morning Aunt Laura provided Eloise with, she took a 3 hour nap that afternoon.  That's one for the record books people. 
Later that Saturday, we had an impromptu dinner invitation from the Thakurs which we were quick to accept.  Aunt Sarah & I can't help but smile when we see our 2 girls playing together like we always dreamed about.
On Sunday, Grandma Karen & Grandpa Kevin came over so that Mommy could run some errands.  Eloise went swimming in her pool, played on the swingset, and had multiple dance parties thanks to Grandpa.  According to him, Eloise loves 90s Hip Hop and Jazz.  When Mommy came home, they were dancing to Salt 'n' Pepa.  We finished off the afternoon with a quick trip Cosley Zoo since Grandma & Grandpa had never been.
This week, Eloise is all about Piper or as she says "Pippa" (with a long i).  One of the first things she says in the morning is, "Pippa?"  I promptly respond with, "Piper is still sleeping."  When we walk in the door at home - "Pippa?"  Eloise started chasing Piper this week as well.  The whole scene is hilarious.  Eloise is laughing and screaming with glee while Piper tries to dodge her and run away. 
Oh yeah,  Brad was gone all last weekend and this week as he was on his bi-annual fishing trip to an outpost in Canada with 2 of his brothers and some friends.
We missed him dearly and glad that he is back because we have a big birthday to get ready for!

**In keeping with our family tradition of celebrating birthdays for a whole week, Sunday starts the beginning of Eloise's birthday week.  Stay tuned for some bonus blog posts!

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