Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Face Friday: 11 months

How did this happen? How did my little pumpkin pie get to be 11 months old already?  I feel like we only have a few weeks left of being able to call you a baby! Not gonna lie, this month has been rough somewhat like the last month.  With more teeth on the horizon, your sleep has definitely been affected.  When Daddy kisses you Good Night, he often laughs and says, "See you at 2am."  Unfortunately, he is not joking.  I keep telling myself - this too shall pass. 

Eloise almost made it through the first year with nothing more than a few runny noses and coughs until last Friday. She woke up Friday morning with a 102 fever and a grouchy disposition.  It was a rough virus that brought on fevers topping off at 103.5.  Yikes!  After 4 days of cuddles, tylenol & motrin, tears, and exhaustion, her fever broke on Monday and she woke up smiling as usual on Tuesday.
Eloise has a new trick - she says Piper!  Every time Piper walks past her, she says her name.  We always guessed that Piper would be one of her first words since we say it (or scream it - sorry) all the time.  She has definitely become more interested in her lately as well - reaching out to pet her and handing her toys.  Thankfully, Eloise & Piper seem to get along fairly well.  At times, Eloise seems overwhelmed by Piper's barking or taken back by how fast she will run past her.  They both want what the other one has.  Piper takes most of Eloise's toys and begs for food at every chance she gets. Eloise feeds into all of this because she hands her toys to Piper and throws her food on the ground for Piper or simply leans her food-covered hand over the highchair for Piper to lick.  I know, I know - germs!  Someone once said to me that you have to make peace early on with your dog and baby sharing spit.  Honestly - best dog-baby advice ever.
Remember when I said we were detoxing Eloise from Macklemore's "Thrift Shopping?"  I think we have successfully done that but now she is all about the "Cups" song and watching that video.  Brad has always been the King of online videos so I blame him, haha.  Thankfully, Eloise has great taste in music as she loves jamming out to NKOTB!  Sorry Brad - now we are even.

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