Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby Face Friday: 4 months

Weight: 15lbs 110z
Height: 25 inches
Sleep: Sleeping thru night for the most part except for the few times she wakes up and needs a little encouragement (i.e. the pacifier) to go back to sleep.

What is Eloise doing?
Rolling over - tummy to back & back to tummy
Grabbing at anything she can. 
Playing in the bathtub - kicking her legs and reaching for a toy

"This blanket is so soft.  I wonder what it tastes like..."

At Daycare, all the kids have a poster in their room with photos of their families.  When Eloise's teacher, Ms. Vicki, told me about the poster that first week I thought I had to make it.  I was actually looking forward to making it and scoped out the other posters in the room.  They all had similar styles so I figured that I would follow the "pattern."  Turns out, the teachers make the posters for their kids and all I was supposed to do was bring in the photos.  Oh well.  I had fun making the poster!

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