Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Face Friday: 14 Weeks

Weight: 14lbs 11oz
Height: 24 inches
Sleep: Good Sleeper
What is Eloise doing?
Getting ready to start daycare on Monday...

Eloise's Great Grandma Marie has been battling cancer for many years along with various other ailments for some time and was placed on Hospice on Friday 11/30.  This past Sunday 12/2 we celebrated Great Grandma Marie's 81st Birthday. Surrounded by her children, grandchildren, & great grandchildren, we celebrated her birthday with pink balloons, pizza, & canoli cake.  We showered her with a few gifts and lots of hugs & kisses.  Just days later, we were all together at her bedside as she started to decline rapidly.  Eloise even gave her Great Grandma some big smiles that night.  Sadly, we lost Marie on her 81st Birthday, December 6th.  Eloise was lucky enough to meet Marie and receive some of her great hugs that I grew to look forward to over the years.  I will cherish the memory of the moment that I brought Eloise to meet Marie for the first time forever.  Both of their faces lit up as if they already knew how much the other one loved them.  When I first met Brad and my mom asked me about him, I told her that he is very family-oriented and loved his family more than words could describe.  I saw this love when I saw Brad interact with his Grandma over the years.  The two of them would laugh about the craziest things and she was probably the only person in the family who could render him speechless at times.  I hope Eloise grows up to love her grandparents as much as Brad loved his Grandma.   Even though we are so sad that Marie is gone, we were left with so many great memories of her.  I have always believed in guardian angels and how lucky we are to have another guardian angel looking out for us in Marie. 

Remembering Marie Wozniak

Sandy, Marie, & Rick at Grandma's Surprise 80th Birthday Party last year
Brad, Mandy, & Grandma at our Baby Shower this June

Meeting Eloise for the first time this October

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