Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Now that Eloise has hit the scene, everything has a new meaning or significance.  We could probably watch every movie, read every book, or participate in every activity again and it would have a different meaning because of our new roles as parents.  Many people use the month of November or the Thanksgiving holiday to note all that they are thankful for so I figured that we should do the same!

Eloise is thankful for...
-Her pacifier...seriously
-Her Swing
-Her Play Mat
-A Dad that smiles that instant he sees her
-A Mom that makes up silly songs all day & night just to make her smile
-A dog that has only stole her pacifier one far
-A family filled with people who loved her from the moment that they knew she was coming

Mom is thankful for...
-Science, Technology, & Medical professionals that made becoming a Mom a Reality
-A baby girl to call her own
-A partner who loves being a parent just as much as she does

Dad is thankful for...
-A baby girl who gives smiles the instant she sees his face.
-A baby girl who loves to wear pink camou
-A wife who supports his hunting hobby

And then there are these few things that I'm REALLY thankful for...

Text messaging. Sorry, I don't have time to have a real conversation or I'm trying to spare you the background noise of hearing Eloise nurse. 
Speakerphone. I need both hands pretty much all the time.
Smart phones.  I can take photos, check emails, order diapers from Amazon, write my grocery list, & play Words with Friends.  
Amazon Prime.  A quick run to Target is a distant memory.  Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom is my new bestie.  
Baby stuff that vibrates.  No explanation needed. 
A great hair cut...or I should say a great hairstylist.  Getting my haircut snapped me back & helped me feel human again after having the baby.   
FMLA.  I don't have quite enough leave to be off & get paid the whole time but thanks to FMLA I have been able to be home as long as I need to be.  

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