Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

It sure has been a Happy Halloween for Eloise's 1st Halloween.  
Here are a few highlights:

We hosted a little Halloween party with the Thakurs, Archers, & Carmona-Caravellis.  
Who knew it would be so hard to get 3 little girls into their costumes & look at that camera?!?

Eloise sported many Halloween outfits this month.  
Here she is rocking one of her "My 1st" Holiday onesie stickers!
Look at my personalized onesie from Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike

Drum roll, please, for the official Halloween costume.....................

Our Little Night Owl

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  1. OH MY!!! That is the sweetest little owl I've ever seen! Love all the pictures but the last few are priceless!