Tuesday, December 5, 2017

North Pole Breakfast 2017

Testing...testing...Is this thing still on??  Never fear! I'm still here just haven't posted on the blog since Eloise's birthday. LAWD.  We are just livin that Kindergarten life over here in the Kalins house.  Anyways...Guess who is back?!?


Before I recap our North Pole breakfast, check out these pics from Donuts with Santa.  Eloise had a blast since this event is at her school.  She was so nervous to talk to Santa but did a great job.  He even told her that she was on the Nice List.  It was hilarious how she turned and looked at us when he told her that as if she was saying, "See guys! I'm in the clear."

 And then there was Preston...this was about 30 seconds before he freaked out about being within 20 yards of Santa.

 And now, on to our North Pole Breakfast where we welcome back our Elf on the Shelf, Lyla ZigZa.  The kids both got some new Christmas pajamas, coloring books, and chapstick.  They are both obsessed with chapstick so while it is a little on the lame side, they loved it! 
 You can follow all of Lyla's antics on my Instagram (@sewsnappymandy) or on Facebook. 

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