Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer Fun 2017

I always feel like once our July Birthdays have come & gone that summer is truly halfway over.  So far this summer, we have a ton of fun!  After returning from our awesome Disney vacation at the end of May, the fun has not stopped.  We have been swimming, boating, tubing and staying up past our bedtimes.  Here are some highlights!

Just in case hanging with Princesses in Disney World wasn't enough for Eloise, we went to a Princess Party with a bunch of her girlfriends from school. 
 We celebrated Father's Day and took some much needed family photos with the Clarks
 Summer time means lots of pool time at Grandma Carrot's and Papa Kevin's house.
 Mommy & Auntie Lo kicked off the summer concert season with our favorite guys - 
New Kids on the Block!!
With Eloise starting Kindergarten at St. Michael's in August, we are spending alot of time talking about it.  Eloise is most excited for the hair accessory options that come with her uniform.  But seriously, she is really excited to be starting at a new school and making tons of new friends.  We often talk about how cool it will be to bring her lunch every day and wear matching dresses with all her classmates. 
Don't be fooled by these photos of Preston.  That boy has no sense of chill as he is full of energy and excitement about jumping in the pool.  He likes to stand on the edge and say, "3 - 2 - 1" and then jump.  When he wants to jump in, he tells you, "Bubbas...3, 2, 1?"  Let's be real though - he jumps on 2. 
 Eloise's swim lessons have paid off this year as she is loving to practice her skills every chance she gets. 
4th of July was TONS of this year because we went to Papa Jim's lake house for a big party. 
 The biggest event of the Summer has been celebrating Brad's 40th Birthday.  We enjoyed a fun getaway in the city with tons of good food & drinks. 
Brunch/Lunch at Fork
Whiskey Tasting at Koval Distillery
 Dinner at El Che Bar at the Chef's Table.  
 After dinner drinks at Cindy's Rooftop. 
 Sunday Brunch at Summer House Santa Monica
 Homemade Decorations!

Here's to more fun the rest of the summer!

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