Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday Preston

Dear Preston, 
Oh sweet Bubbas, how we love you. You are a real handful at times and have taught us so much this year about patience, humor, love, flexibility & the differences between boys & girls. I do not care what people say - every kid is different and boys & girls are different. We thought we had this 2 kid thing down to science and then you became a rambunctious toddler. This past year you have had more bruises, bumps & ouchies than Eloise has had in 4.5 years. While you are such as bruiser most of the time, you really are a lover. You are a hugger and a big juicy kisser. I hope you always pucker up those big lips and give me kisses when I see you. You are the ultimate thief when it comes to iPhones, Barbies, Chapstick, water bottles, snacks & headbands. It's funny every time that you put on one of Eloise's headbands! 

Besides all the obvious physical changes with turning 2, one of the biggest changes is your hair! You went from a big bald head on your 1st birthday to a head full of curls today.  I die with those curls! I can't get enough of them. I just want to scrunch them with a little product so they stay perfect all day. Don't even get me started with those deep brown eyes that light up the room. I'm pretty sure that you are left handed as I've seen you color or throw a ball with some real power with that left hand. Only time will tell! I know you're destined for greatness since your a mini version of your Daddy but some people have told me that many Presidents are left-handed. No pressure Bubba Chubbas, Mommy will love you whatever you do. 

One of the best parts of this age is your ability to communicate more. Since 18 months, you have started talking more & more. Granted, sometimes I think you are half dinosaur because you love to growl & roar. You pretty much all the classic animal noises for zoo & barn animals  or anything that can growl. When it doubt, growl it out!  I swear, every week that goes by you are learning a few new words and stringing together little toddler sentences.  Every once in a while, I can get to you count to five too.  Eloise loves to make requests for you say all sorts of words or answer her off the wall questions.  Since you were in my belly, I wondered what you would call Eloise when you started to talk. You ended up with, "Sheesh!" The more I thought about where that came from, I realized that we often say to you, "Go show Eloise or go sit by Eloise or go play with Eloise... SHE'S over there." We think that's where you got the "Sheesh" from.  We love it and I think Eloise loves it too. There is truly no greater joy than watching you & Eloise. You love each other so much. I love that even at school when both of you can play with any one of your friends on the playground that you often decide to play with each other. It makes my mama heart so happy. You try so hard to keep up with her and be her little sidekick. It's precious to see you try to play Barbies with her or try to jump & dance like her. I know you will not always be like this with each other so I cherish these moments. 


You are a fierce little bruiser with a personality just as big as your sister's.  When people warned us that boys can be so much for physical than girls, I do not think that I fully appreciated that warning.  Mama never knew how much blood went along with a bloody nose or what one does to stop it but I know now!  Well I love that you can shake off a stumble or an ouchie pretty quickly, I don't think I was prepared for the number of gray hairs I would acquire this year watching you jump and run every where we go.  I know that this next year will keep us busy and on our toes as your latest thirst for adventure does not seem to be waning.  So, here's to the adventure that lies ahead with a 2 year old Preston Bradley Kalins!

Happy Birthday Preston! 



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