Saturday, November 26, 2016

Preston: 18 month update & Thanksgiving Fun

Happy 18 months Preston Bradley!
Here we are at another milestone age.  At your 18th month appointment, you weighed in around 30lbs and 32.28 inches long.  When it was time for those dreaded shots, the nurse commented on how strong you were.  Good thing Mommy has been trained to restrain unruly patients because those skills come in handy when the nurse asks me to hold you still.  Kidding...not kidding.  
You are all Toddler Boy, all day!  Every 5 seconds, we hear, "No!" or "Mine!"  You are trying to figure out how to communicate with us more and more every day.  You do a lot of pointing and saying, "Dis...Dat...Dis." You officially moved up to the Young Toddler room earlier this month and you were more ready!  Now that you are playing with other kids your age and a little older, I can only expect your vocabulary to expand greatly.  
It was a hard transition to leave Ms. Tee who was his teacher since he was 12 weeks old.  He loves her so!  Last winter when Preston was battling ear ache after ear ache, Ms. Tee would hold him many days during his entire nap to give him some extra TLC. Every day since he left her room, he will walk past the door and stop to give her a kiss.  Ms. Tee will always hold a special place in our hearts for the way that she loved on Preston.  
There's a good chance that Preston is going to left-handed.  I have noticed on more than one occasion that he prefers to color and paint with his left hand.  You know who else is left-handed?  Professional athletes & Presidents.  Just sayin'...
This picture is a perfect example of the dynamic between Eloise & Preston.  He literally just wants to do everything that she does.  
As part of a project that the whole daycare was participating in, the kids each had to decorate a puzzle piece that reflected their personality and the things they loved.  Here were the final products:
 We started a Thanksgiving celebrations a little early this year.  We had some of beloved family in from California so we decided to do a proper Thanksgiving during their time here.  We used all of Great Grandma Fitz's recipes for the meal.  She happily watched over the final preparations. 
 Auntie Lo, cousin Emily and Eloise made custom Thanksgiving vests & headdresses for everyone.  Eloise loves to pick out her clothes every day and often walks down our stairs saying, "Mommy! Look at me!  I look so fashion!"
 3 Indian Princesses
 Preston is still smitten with Aunt Patti.  
He was playing doctor here and giving her a checkup.  
Of note, Eloise is not getting a new pet.  A girl can dream!

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