Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Preston's 17 month update & Fall Fun

Happy 17 months Preston!
Somehow the last month flew by and this Chubbas is already 17.5 months if you want to be really accurate.  We have been super busy the past month enjoying lots of Fall Fun.  I will get to that at the end of the post so for now, here is some Preston's latest antics...

Every night he stands at the landing on his way to the bathtub and yells, "BYE!" to Eloise and Brad.  He will stand there and repeat it and yell louder until they acknowledge him.  Let's pause for the cuteness of that butt too. 
 While I'm getting his bath ready, he loves to climb up on his chair and "read" to himself.  
 In the morning, the only way that I can manage to get ready is let him watch PBS kids on what used to be Eloise's iTouch.  Yeah, yeah - screen time, yada, yada.  Mama has to take a shower!
 What better game to play than hide & seek in my own closet!
 You can't really tell but this in the midst of a classic toddler meltdown.  Preston is big fan of throwing himself on the ground.  Good times. 
This is a step up, literally, from his obsession with the toilet water.  Now, he loves to push the step stool over to the sink and turn the faucet on to wash his hands.  He has watched Eloise doing it 100 times so it was only a matter of time before he figured it out too. 
Preston thinks he is a 4 year old so it only makes sense that he would climb up in the "Tree house" in Eloise's PreK classroom so she could read to him. 
 Preston LOVES bath time and when Eloise joins him it is a real party for him.  If you are involved in this scene, I'd suggest a wet suit!
To say that Preston was a horrible napper at home or sleeper in general would be an understatement. We put the hammer down a few weeks ago with middle of night or early morning wake ups and fully embraced some serious cry it out moments or even hours.  He has made much improvements and has been napping in his crib on the weekends as opposed to being held for 2 hours.  
 Preston is such a cutie and it's a good thing because he is full energy and mischief!
Fall Fun So Far
We kicked off Fall with a trip to a local apple orchard just outside of DeKalb.  The kids had a blast picking apples, sampling them and throwing them in the grass.  Eloise wanted to pose the corn as a scarecrow.  
I surprised Eloise and decorated for Halloween/Fall one night after she went to bed.  She was so thrilled!  I used to love to decorate for the holidays but, ya know, kids and life get in the way of putting those things up. 
Eloise played soccer this Fall and loved it.  Kidding!  She actually hated it and told her coach that.  Oh well!  She made some friends and got to wear pink soccer socks & shoes. 
Here is a little video of one of her 1st games. 
Click HERE
 Now that she is in PreK, she had homework.
 We paid Great Grandma Fitz a visit a few weeks ago to bring her pictures and tell her all about the fun we have been having this Fall. 

We lots of fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks & can't wait for Halloween!

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