Tuesday, September 13, 2016

16 months & full of trouble

Preston is 16 months & wired for trouble. We are in the tantrum & seeking independence stage and it can be rough. Preston basically thinks he's 4 like Eloise and wants to do everything she does - use utensils, drink out of cups & play like a big kid. Some days it feels like we are playing this crazy game of "Preventing  Preston from killing himself." For example, it's super fun to fall backwards off the couch, right? WRONG. Good thing I've got a great hair stylist because Mama is getting more gray hair everyday! 
One of my favorite times with Preston is bed time because he's cuddly and sweet. Even he has a bookshelf full of books, he loves these 2. He grabs then every night. It's so cute when he laughs at the funny parts too. 

Photo proof of Preston's antics

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