Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Face Friday: 46 Weeks

We went out to eat with Eloise this past weekend for dinner & frozen yogurt and then lunch the next day.  It feels like a rite of passage to order off the Kids Menu.  Eloise is such a busy body staring at everyone around our table, that it's hard to get to focus on eating.  No surprise that the frozen yogurt was a big hit! Brad was worried she would get a brain freeze if she ate it too fast but she seemed to do alright. 

The Birthday Celebrations continued this past weekend for Mom & Dad at Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Mike's. The girls took advantage of the warm weather played in the 2 pool that Grandpa had set up for them.  Eloise was a little unsure but loved watching her 2 big cousins splash around. 

Every night while I'm making dinner, Eloise entertains herself by going through the cabinets.  She was sticking with the cabinet with the tupperware in it but this week she explored to the other side of the kitchen and found all the food!  She had a blast "picking out her dinner."
 Here is Eloise's signature "Hello" pose.  When she answers the phone, she puts it behind her head. 
We started brushing Eloise's 6 teeth this week & she loves it. She giggles the whole time. Here's hoping that she always thinks brushing her teeth is this fun!
Side note: Mommy's hair looks really good from the back here.  Haha.

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  1. Mac does that exact same thing with the phone (or remote or anything when he hears a phone ring). ADORABLE!!