Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Face Friday: 25 Weeks

Weight/Height: Mommy is anxiously awaiting the 6 month check up so that we can find out! 

Sleep: Eloise is asleep by 730 at the latest and sleeps until 5am.  She has been waking up in the wee hours of the morning but we have been letting her "cry it out" and fall back asleep.

What is Eloise doing?
Doing great with eating her rice cereal for breakfast & dinner. 

Figured how to whine or something close to that when she wants more food or Mommy. 

Highlights from this week

Having a blast in the exersaucer.  
We keep it in the kitchen so Eloise can be in the mix while Mommy is cooking or doing dishes.
 Eloise got a new play mat for the Living Room as she is outgrowing the Floor Mat.  
It was a big hit as she can easily spin herself around in circles. 
 Sitting up like a big girl and playing with her toys
 Working on that hand-eye coordination

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