Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome to the World...

With a Blue Moon in the Sky, 
at 1:18 in the morning, on
they placed a 7lb 12oz, 21inch
miracle  in our arms.
1 week past her due date,
18+ hours of labor and 4+ hours of pushing and
she was perfect.
We named her
Eloise Joy Kalins.


  1. She is too cute. After reading the number of hours you were in labor...I am even more nervous about the day we get to meet our little Oliver! :/ Doesn't stop me from wanting him here though. I look forward to seeing some more pictures. Have fun!

    Stephanie M.

  2. Congrats, Baby Ellie, you couldn't have gotten a better deal being born into the world of Amanda Kalins! Hopefully you will never have to fully understand just how much your mother wanted you, but hopefully you will live your life knowing that she has a tremendous amount of love for you.